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Sailing Trilogy In Florida

The sailing trilogy among women in Florida is an event that takes place every summer and it is in this year as well. Known as the annual Race for the Roses, it is a Ladies Trilogy event that is continuing this weekend as well. It is usually conducted in the Pensacola Bay.

Usually hosted by the local club, Pensacola Beach Yacht Club, it is a race where the Roses members daily along with other communities. The Gulf Yachting Racing Fleet Championship is associated with this race. The race last year was held at the Pass Christian Yacht Club in Mississippi.  The winner of the last year’s event had been Debbie Wilusz who belonged to the FT Walton Yacht Club.

The race officer John Buziak, formerly of UK yacht charter, will be providing the final list of competitors in the skipper’s meeting that would begin on Friday in Pensacola Beach. The races will begin on both weekend days. The first race of this trilogy event was called the Bikini Regatta and was hosted on July 9th by the Navy Yacht Club in Pensacola. Lisa Johnson sailed Cloud 9 as part of the Southern Yacht Club. There were, however transmission problems that the crew faced. Hence, the boat would be lining up to be part of this weekend’s event.

The final race is being hosted by Point Yacht Club of this trilogy event. That would be held on the last weekend of the month. Debby Grimm would be sailing as she did in 2015 with her J30 titled the Hot Chocolate. She had been a victorious last year. This time Grimm is part of another boat. Most fans are excited about the upcoming races. They are logging on the related forums to wish their supporting sailors and to egg on their favorite crews for the races on the waters.