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  1. Guy Canuel Guy Canuel

    I love that boat!

  2. Pele mu Pele mu

    böle bir tekneyle dünya turuna cikilir mi ?=??

  3. bill hanna bill hanna

    Benetaue wish you would stop using those halyard lines,keep slipping on the jammers

  4. Пелагон Громойло Пелагон Громойло

    She is like a blonde with 4 size tits and nice ass. You can wank at her, touch and cherish her, but living with her is not an option.

  5. dearl8lady dearl8lady

    Gorgeous! Would love to take her to the Bahamas!

  6. ttamg ttamg

    Lovely shots and edits. Lovely job on the video.

  7. J T W J T W

    no, it’s french

  8. lenczyk lenczyk

    Beautiful… so many indoor gadgets that could be broken in the storm and need the service maintenance. But still – nice! Great video!

  9. BullshitPolitics BullshitPolitics

    The exterior of this boat is great, but the interior is a bit bland, i would go for the Amel 55 yacht for its luxurious interior.

  10. Freedomhongkong Freedomhongkong

    Can it cross the Pacific Ocean in rough weather ?

  11. orcunalkan orcunalkan

    50 büyük olsa da çok başarılı.. biraz lüx fazla o kadar..

  12. Tahoedogful Tahoedogful

    Stern & Bow thrusters!!!!! Holly Crap!!! Got to hand it to EUs!!!

  13. Yavuz Gursoy Yavuz Gursoy

    Hope i can get a Sense 50 in future :I im in love with this beautiful Beneteau lady.

  14. Kevin Cook Kevin Cook

    beautiful. I am a current Beneteau owner and aspire to step up to this model.

  15. amazinq66 amazinq66

    uff ich wills 🙁

  16. tawlasurf tawlasurf

    Without words.. :D

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