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Kalanick Will Sail To Tahiti On A Yacht After Leaving Uber

Travis Kalanick after departing from Uber took a glamorous vacation.

Travis Kalanick, after resigning from his post of CEO last month, sailed to Tahiti on a yacht, the yacht was owned by the chairman of IAC Barry Diller.

On his vacation, Kalanick was accompanied by other famous guests, like Anderson Cooper, according to the information received from sources.

Kalanick the former CEO of Uber left his position in June taking an absence leave from his role as CEO. The leave took with him was the temporary and he was supposed to join his office soon after coming from vacation, but he forced to leave his position altogether, after receiving the strong opposition from the shareholders of Uber.

Though, Uber is struggling without its CEO, Kalanick is all set to take a voyage on a yacht. And this is not the first time that he is doing so. After his exit from the previous startup, he took the globe-trotting vacation right after. After selling the company, he went on a yacht trip with his friends and went to countries like Spain, Italy and many others.

Now, when the plans of Kalanick is all set for yacht travel, and even he is no more associated with Uber, for sure he is not going to cancel anything. Although, information about the yacht vacation of Kalanick has not come yet.

According to the sources, Kalanick will continue with his plan and will go for the vacation.

Kalanick was supposed to join the Uber after finishing his vacation, and was to take the responsibilities of day to day work. But now, as no such plans of former Uber CEO is there, therefore it is not clear yet, whether he will extend his duration of his vacation or it will remain the same.