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Teens Of Falmouth Sailed At The Atlantic

The group of 11 teens from Falmouth is not talking about their girlfriends.

But, they are talking about the lifetime tourney they had. These teens, unlike the others opted a different way to enjoy their spring holidays, they sailed the Atlantic Ocean their spring break aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry.

The Perry is the biggest sailing school in the United States and it is also a kind of tall ships.

Falmouth junior, Jordan McDermitt spoke about his experience and said, “I love sailing and it is in my blood. In the summer my grandparents sailed and now I am sailing in Casco Bay. Also, in February, I went for sailing in Puerto Rico. I am excited about sailing and love to have more time for it. If I will get another opportunity of long day’s sailing, then I will not hesitate. I will go for it happily”.

Another team member and senior of Falmouth Katelynne Schmidt said about the team, he said “It was truly a new experience. Doing anything in a team gives lots of motivation and learning. We learn about team handling and dealing during training. But, in sailing it is completely different. During the period of sailing you are left with your team. Here, there are many types of challenges comes. The hurdles are natural and it can come anytime. And we all have to deal with it as a team. This gives us a lot of motivation and knowledge about sailing with a team. We would love to do this type of activity next time as well.”

The students who were the part of this sailing trip flew to Bermuda. And there they spent nine days and do the sailing in the north. After that they arrived at the Rhode Island last week.