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Last Lap Of Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe is the sailing program round the world that has been going on, which consists of solo skippers sailing their boats to complete a round trip around the world. The sailing trip is a phenomenal one in this competition and many skippers have braved different adversities to stay in the competition.

Sebastien Destremau among the different participants has successfully covered Cape Horn by Sunday, 29th January and he completes the final of the eighteen skippers who remain as part of the race. They have all exited the Big South and are turning into north Atlantic waters now. Sebastien had to make a pit stop at Tasmania in order to get the rig of his vessel repaired.

He is now in the 18th place and is behind the race winner Armel Le Cleach by 37 days and 16 hours to his next rival who is Heerema, the Dutch solo skipper who is based in Jezera. Though the French skipper is in the last 18th position he feels lucky as he said that what he has achieved so far is remarkable. The Finot designed boat that he is on is a 1998 design. Till now he had only participated in inshore sailing events or was part of grand prix offshore events.

Destremau states that this is a kind of sailing that he is taking part in for the first time. He admits that he did not feel that he could have sailed around Cape Horn that is usually done by more experienced sailors. Hence, having maneuvered around Cape Horn successfully is a great feat or achievement for him. Such messages were conveyed by him to his family, friends and fans. He stated that he was happy and proud that he had achieved this feat and made his family proud as well. Indeed, for most sailors such passages and maneuvering past, they are great lifetime feats.