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  1. jstringer213 jstringer213

    Nice traditional look…but for how much….ya, she’s jumping around out there…just like the chesapeake bay… short steep waves..she tears through them nicely though

  2. batri2001 batri2001

    I am sure it is a dream yacht , thank you for the answer.

  3. 43Nicholson 43Nicholson

    It is not a jumpy boat as such. You have to take in account that, judging from waves, water color and horizon (not to mention the Dutch flag) this test was done on the IJselmeer. Very short steep waves because it is very wide and shallow water. On those waters, any boat would jump like that, given similar conditions.

  4. batri2001 batri2001

    It’s a jumpy yacht.

  5. andyseamaster andyseamaster

    Where are the lifelines? A little risky to me to sail without them.

  6. Enrique A Descalzo Enrique A Descalzo

    Nice boat !!

  7. riotagus riotagus

    She is a beauty  !!!

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