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Oracles Skipper Names Team New Zealand To Be The Favorites Before The Cup

America’s cup is round the corner and all the teams taking part in it has started their own mind games in order to let the pressure flow easily. The team Oracle is undoubtedly the favorites to win this cup once again especially after their last year’s record comeback in the cup from being 8-1 down to be a champion is always a tough task for anyone. IT was this team oracle who came up to win the championship where they were almost out and dusted.

Before the start of the championship in a press conference the team’s skipper gathered together for a press conference. This was for the first time that the 6 captains of the 6 teams taking part in the cup gathered together and it happened in the city of London. It was a good day for the press as they got to question them about the cup and the preparations going ahead the upcoming cup. During the interview the press also asked every skipper on who they thought were the favorites to win it this time.

Every skipper had their own reply but the team Oracle’s skipper Jimmy Spithill came out speaking that the teams taking part in the cup are all in good form and all are favorites for the cup. But he came out speaking that the Emirates team from New Zealand is surely the favorites to win this one. The New Zealand skipper Dam Barker admitted that his team was disappointed with what happened last year in San Francisco and they are all set to perform their best this year. He also added that his team is well prepared and stands firm in challenging every opponent in the cup championship. It will surely be a cup to watch out for.