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Hempel Youth Sailing World Championship’s Sensational Conclusion

Boy’s Laser Radial in the dramatic final race had turned the podium upside down in Poland’s Gdynia as the Championship of Hempel Youth Sailing World came to an end. Tytus Butowski from Poland and Zac Littlewood from Australia had been combating for hold but had been stuck in the middle of the boat and their racing created the opportunity for pother to steal the gold. Yigit Yalcin Citak from Turkey took this opportunity and secured the gold from nowhere.

Butowski and Littlewood ended the race locked up in sixty-three points. The Australian competitor won the silver after having won 2 races in the 9 race series. A reside of the Gydnia. Butowski received bronze but he could have easily won gold. Gdansk Bay where Nine World Championship had been crowned as the week of the race which had something for everyone came to an end.

For PCCSC Championship Sailing is Heading to Socal

The Rowing Teams Are Preparing For Part Events. After showing a first-place at St. Francis Invitational, the sport sailing is all set for (PCCSC) Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference, (TRC) Team Race Championship taking place in San Diego. Rowing of women is going to join the sailing in Socal. They will join for San Diego Crew Classic (SDCC). On the other hand, the team of men will remain close to the home. They will host the Pac-12 Challenge. This they will do at the Redwood Shores.

The Positioned at No. 3 the women’s rowing brag an undefeated record opposite the collegiate foes in overall 14 races since the beginning of the spring season that is on 9th of March. Now, the team is looking to follow the same pace to this weekend as well. In the championship, there will not be a row in the park, instead Cardinal is going to face a very competitive field and this includes No. 1 Washington Huskies, the No. 2 Cal Bear and the No. 4 Texas Longhorns.

Admiral’s Cup To Starts At The “INA”

One of the most anticipated sailing competition has begun at the INA on Sunday, 2nd December at the Indian Naval Academy situated at Ezhimala. The Admiral’s Cup is the biggest military sailing event in the world. After a successful journey of 8 years, Vice Admiral R B Pandit who is also the commandant of INA inaugurated the 9th edition of the event at an enthusiastic ceremony which took place inside the INA campus at Ettikulam Bay.

In addition to the National Defence Academy (Khadakwasla) and the Indian Naval Academy (two Indian teams), 30 teams joins the game all from different foreign countries. In this military event, the most number of participants compete with each other and this most number of participants feature makes this tournament unique. The foreign countries which will participate in the competitive event include Vietnam, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Qatar, Singapore, Portugal, Oman, Myanmar, Nigeria, Malaysia, Maldives, Italy, Israel, Japan, Iran, France, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, Egypt, China, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bahrain and last but not the least Australia. Some of the most prominent and adept military sailors will represent their respective countries and will try to complete the Herculean task to win the trophy for the country.

Meet The People Who Has Been Sailing The Globe For 10 Years

Jamie Gifford and Behan have spent almost 10 years together sailing around the world, the couple was accompanied with their three children in their journey and in the past ten years, they had no plans of stopping. Jamie and Behna and their three children, that were aged 4, 6, and 9 at the time, started their sailing trip in Aug 21, 2008. They started their journey from Puget Sound, Washington. After that, the family has traveled 58,000 miles and has visited 48 countries and has spent about $300,000.

According to Behan Gifford, we lived a happy and the perfect life. “We both had the high-paying jobs and dual income. The life was so perfect and white picket fence that it was almost painful.” Behan was associated with a digital ad agency and her husband Jamie used to sell the medical equipment. In 2002, within two weeks the couple had their second child and at the same time they mourned the loss of Jamie’s mother.

Yacht wins 3 awards in Brisbane-Gladstone

Well, Commodore John Ibell just could not look for a better birthday gift than taking out 3 awards for Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race, this year. The Restless captain relished his birthday yesterday morning by felicitating his team on meeting their only race goal successfully – and that is to finish.

Mr Ibell told that this has been a great race. Their only target this year was to finish and they have managed to do it and pick up some trophies.

Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race

The 2015 Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race –  2 Victorian debutants for Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race beginning 2nd January, 2015 are all set to be a part of the local fleet for the navigator’s challenge up the eastern seaboard from Sydney to the cost of New South Wales Mid North.

Virgin participants Rob Hanna’s TP52 Shogun V as well as Jeff Dusting’s Sydney 47CR Adventure Safety Jem order only 5 feet apart in length, but they are oranges and apples when it comes to boat speed and comfort, even though both have sampled handicap success.