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Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race

The 2015 Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race –  2 Victorian debutants for Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race beginning 2nd January, 2015 are all set to be a part of the local fleet for the navigator’s challenge up the eastern seaboard from Sydney to the cost of New South Wales Mid North.

Virgin participants Rob Hanna’s TP52 Shogun V as well as Jeff Dusting’s Sydney 47CR Adventure Safety Jem order only 5 feet apart in length, but they are oranges and apples when it comes to boat speed and comfort, even though both have sampled handicap success.

At the low end of comfort spectrum is all-out racer Shogun; minimalist and lightweight with its 8 pipe cots for stove, beds, flushing bowl which appears something like a toilet as well as navigation table beseeming a contortionist. In offshore crusades it’s home, without all the luxuries you’d expect on a yacht holiday cruising around in Western Scotland, to the crew. Always moving about and moaning under the tremendous loads.

TP52s could reach speeds of thirty two knots or close to sixty kilometers per hour off the breeze. In the meantime, Jem’s earlier owners appear to have get these loose an interior designer below teak decks. The grand internal furniture put the cruise into the racer and make the forty seven footer fit for racing and comfortable weekend cruising. Three cabins along with snug double beds made up with feather pillows and bamboo sheets, settee as well as dining table and 2 heads bathrooms make it tough to leave the coziness to go on deck.