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  1. Carol Jahn Carol Jahn

    Kinda gloppy looking

  2. ffO kcuF ffO kcuF

    @masterfalle2 Haha put a mast on Fjord or in fact on any Wallypower and it
    look like any modern sail boat. I really like both, Fjord and Wally. But
    because Wally is better know due to more media exposure, any similar boat
    will be called a copy. And that, I think, is not fair because it lowers
    company’s image and makes these boats “mentally” appear like a Chinese
    knock off even tho they are just as good if not better.

  3. ajulat ajulat

    Biult in Greifswald Germany ! @ Hanseyachts AG

  4. ffO kcuF ffO kcuF

    @masterfalle2 Check the history of each company. Fjord is about 3 times
    older than Wally. Similar problems will lead to similar solutions.

  5. MusicTV222 MusicTV222

    This Yacht is from Switzerland !!! I saw it !!! its wonderful!

  6. Peter forsberg Peter forsberg

    naaah .. This Yacht is from Norway .. Not Switzerland! // Swe

  7. ffO kcuF ffO kcuF

    @masterfalle2 I’m not a Wally expert but I am sure Wally started with sail
    boats and power boats came much later after 1994 when the Wally was
    created. I don’t not think they copy each other I just think that similar
    problems and demands will always lead to similar solutions.

  8. SFConifer SFConifer

    Looks like someone got the plans out of a 1936 Popular Mechanics
    Do-it-yourself-yacht article and built it in his garage…

  9. tg kgkgkyjgkgyj tg kgkgkyjgkgyj

    NO!! This Yacht is a Norwegian Quality product.

  10. piloty5 piloty5

    who left wally after they stole the designs? lol

  11. rohanep rohanep

    its got an inside bit too!

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