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Yacht wins 3 awards in Brisbane-Gladstone

Well, Commodore John Ibell just could not look for a better birthday gift than taking out 3 awards for Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race, this year. The Restless captain relished his birthday yesterday morning by felicitating his team on meeting their only race goal successfully – and that is to finish.

Mr Ibell told that this has been a great race. Their only target this year was to finish and they have managed to do it and pick up some trophies.

According to, they were handed 2nd spot in both IRC and ORC division 2 as well as named the best positioned Gladstone yacht. In spite going ten hours without mind, Mr Ibell did not retire the squad by switching on the engine – unlike previous years.

Sun Odyssey
Just 2 teams escaped being steadied and for over a day. Restless (from the Solent yacht charters company) was neck and neck with their fellow racers aboard Immigrant. Mr Ibell said that from Lady Elliot Island, they were match racing with the Immigrant. After 308 miles they ended just 5 minutes in front and it was an ex-Gladstone yacht.

He stated that Restless executed well with the reaching legs, when the wind was arriving at the side of the watercraft. And the 2 extra crew members made something compared to last year. It really made a difference when there was a huge breeze because they crew did not get bored very quickly.