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Perfect Yachting Location

Instead of New Orleans and Seattle, Petersburg has been voted as the number one yachting location. This “Little Norway” of Alaska has been a very popular fishing town in America. But now it can even be called the yachting town in America.

Yachting magazine is a nationally acclaimed magazine which has named Petersburg (the southeast fishing community situated in Alaska) as the ideal yachting location. Petersburg was a part of the top fifty yachting towns list originally. The editors of the Yachting magazine put forward a list of 10 yachting towns and asked the readers to vote for the best town online. With an overwhelming majority, Petersburg won the poll.

The associate editor of Yachting magazine- Dan Harding said that the fishing town was way ahead in the competition as it received about forty-four percentage of votes from the readers of Yachting magazine.  He also said that it is really amazing to see that so much recognition and support is given to a small fishing community such as Petersburg. Though the town lacks amenities but then it is a location where the people will be able to witness the true beauty of nature.

Liz Cabrera, the coordinator of Petersburg Economic Development Council said that Petersburg surely has something special because of which people were encouraged to vote for it. She thinks that Petersburg is now going to be the preferred destination for a majority of boaters.

Glo Wollen (Harbormaster) said that boaters are visiting Petersburg in increasing numbers and this development is surely going to be beneficial for Petersburg in the years to come.

Tourism opportunities in Petersburg include visits to LeConte Glacier, sea kayaking, hiking, whale watching, sport fishing etc. However, Petersburg is still not the preferred port for huge cruise ships carrying hundreds of passengers because it is not a deep water harbor.