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  1. jbss7382 jbss7382

    Any boat with Missoni furnishings, for instance Magellano; is fantastic. BUT what a shame about the very large and thick transoms in the main cabin helm position!!

  2. rubadubu112 rubadubu112

    None right now maybe next year.

  3. Wayan gede Wayan gede

    Very good,i wish i could have one,Here is very expensive to buy speed boat one in Bali.I am Wayan from Bali.If you generous and rich please give me one as a present,cheap one no problem,as price is US $ 2500,i uses it for fishing or buy my art products to supports me own my dream about a speed boat.Thank you.

  4. eipky eipky

    how many ?

  5. 8wealthyone8 . 8wealthyone8 .

    Thanks for sharing. Please see my epic 1st videos and donate to my cause if you feel bold and brave enough.



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