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  1. 1234torerik 1234torerik

    “Alert, boat ahead!”

  2. Aaron Blue Aaron Blue


  3. ttdr10 ttdr10

    Nice boat!

  4. punctualjinx punctualjinx

    Somebody save that Spy!!

  5. torers torers

    00:29 – 00:35
    Super Sniper Shadow.

  6. BlueBlanky BlueBlanky

    The head fell to pick up the ring of Mordor.

  7. MrK4G3 MrK4G3

    Need a boat here
    Need a boat here
    Need a boat here
    Need a boat here
    Need a boat here

  8. BBsgalore BBsgalore

    “If fighting is sure to result in A BOAT then you must fight! I said that. He used His fight money to buy the ring of honor, Then he used his fight money to buy A BOAT, Then he used his BOAT to BOAT, then he used his BOAT money to buy every BOAT on earth, then he beat the CRAP OUT OF EVERY SINGLE ONE.”

  9. FLUDDGadd FLUDDGadd

    I feel bad for the spy.

  10. Pseudodynamic Pseudodynamic

    Funny scream. I hurt my head.

  11. Scar231 Scar231

    i lol’d

  12. Wubblemeister Wubblemeister

    The spy hanging off the edge was epic.

  13. Wackyfox Wackyfox

    And then he beat the crap out of every single boat.

  14. teckwerks teckwerks

    You’ve done worse.


  15. xxJuXuxx xxJuXuxx

    San tzu said that! and I say he eats crap! LOL

  16. jappleseed12 jappleseed12

    You must buy a boat! XD You made the “meet the” videos even funnier!

  17. admmelonhead admmelonhead

    Best meet the soldier vid I’ve ever seen.

  18. weredeath weredeath

    then he used his boat to boat


    0:47 - 0:52
    Best ending ever.

  20. RaitoKunRyuk RaitoKunRyuk

    I’M ON A BOAT!

  21. Xiav123 Xiav123

    lol 0:05 who said that? AH!

  22. SuperKirbyBro SuperKirbyBro

    If fighting is sure to result in a boat, then you must fight!

    I said that.

  23. Rusty Spy Rusty Spy

    I’ve yet to meet one that can outsmart boat.

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