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  1. MartysMotions MartysMotions

    I would love having a job like that going about on boats and getting to go places

  2. bik3man1 bik3man1

    Sunseekers have never been really pretty, except for of course the incredibly beautiful and balanced 37 Tomahawk. The Predator 80 isn’t that bad, the length does it good, but I can understand the window styling might not be to everbody’s taste. Bet it looks better in all black, though.

  3. Shocksink Shocksink

    2013 Azimut 55S will crush it

  4. Shocksink Shocksink

    The side glass is awfull

  5. Svein Arne Grønnevik Svein Arne Grønnevik

    Sunseekers beautiful yacht design is unfortunately long time gone. 🙁 

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