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Team Aqua Emerges

Albeit it was Peninsula Petroleum that spearheaded RC44 Cup at Virgin Gorda from the first day yet the last smile was not meant for this esteemed Gibraltar team. In fact, it was Team Aqua which went on to snatch the victory on the race finale.

Peninsula Petroleum received red flag off startline of that day’s inaugural race that placed them at the backmost rung of the participant fleet.  Vascotto calling shots for Bassadone somehow managed to get the squad right on track with the participant fleet by 2nd beat. But it was the port-starboard incident concerning Gazprome Youth Sail Challenge that saw the leading Russian squad heading back to dock.

“It was pretty shifty on coure today wiuth the lead altering every minute. During the final upwind leg, it seemed that we’re in 4th position or maybe 3rd, sailing on the starboard”, noted Vladimir Liubomirov, the Gazprom Youth’s owner driver. “Peninsula Petroleum seemed to be on port & it was a really classic situation. The team was not being able to bypass us & presently we are down with a huge hole into our boat. Thus, it’s impossible to race on further. We have lost out on a couple of races that’s definitely not good for us- but at times it happens and it’s just a part of championship.”

The Gibraltar squad got a fresh crash box for their bow & got back to the course again. But the DSQ status & 3 additional penalty points put Aqua on equal stature with the race leaders. Chris Bake’s squad looked happy with a comeback & the very opportunity to get in touch with the lead, enabled them to turn the pressure on the rivals. Bake’s squad squeezed round before Artemis Racing & then finally led right to finishing line.