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  1. whouster whouster

    I reckon Mr Satie would’ve been thrilled to bits if he could see this! Absolutely brilliant – and it really captured the avant-garde menace of the piece. This is my favourite out of the whole ‘Sports…’ collection, and I’m pleased to have found this!

  2. twinkydisco twinkydisco

    at this tempo it seems to mimic the soundscape on a boat much more than the usual faster tempo. Not sure what Satie had in mind though. The piano original played a little sounds like archetypal silent-movie piano music.

  3. twinkydisco twinkydisco

    interesting orchestration

  4. Gymnopedie55 Gymnopedie55

    I prefer the slow tempo they take here.

  5. miazimus miazimus

    not, came form Erik Satie “Le yatching”

    quite speed in it

  6. kuntriopia kuntriopia

    beautiful symphony. is this the original tempo?

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