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  1. alphasxsignal alphasxsignal

    How does this compare to the Sense 50.

  2. alphasxsignal alphasxsignal

    How is the sailing performace compared to the Sense 50. Boom furling is

  3. Pamela Gupta Pamela Gupta

    Midnight City M83, one must visualize the inner reality in order for our
    outer reality to form the template ,: ) this boat is truly a masterpiece,
    compared to the Sense 50 its very similar.

  4. alphasxsignal alphasxsignal

    Im a sailor allright and I know what is good in a boat and what is not. Im
    not just a test person like yourself. I have money to buy these boats not
    just test them.

  5. alphasxsignal alphasxsignal

    Not talking about a doger. This type of boat should have a hard dodger.
    Looks like crap anyway and sails like crap. I will take a J boat over it

  6. alphasxsignal alphasxsignal

    Offshore crusier but no pilothose protection. I guess they think the
    weather is great all the time on ocean crossing, NO I don’t think so, I
    know so. The Amel 54, 55 etc has a very nice protection on it from the
    weather like they should be for ocean crossings. Hey even the old Irwins 68
    had pilot house on them.

  7. Parazit3000 Parazit3000

    как это не грустно, но даже я, профан, понимаю что модель, слегка коряво
    сделана. ходовые на пол узла 100% отстают – конструкцию надо доработать.


    too big for me!

  9. Ichi San Ichi San

    If you were a sailor then you would know that you can put up a dodger when

  10. DragonToko DragonToko


  11. Ichi San Ichi San

    I’d bet my own boat you never sailed an X-Yacht at all. You complain about
    this XC50 not having a hard dodger and yet you’d take a J/boat
    instead(which don’t come with hard dodgers as standard)

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