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  1. CoalForEveryone CoalForEveryone



  2. jayzepicmann999 jayzepicmann999

    ive seen a lawn mower explode better than that

  3. Roman Dybala Roman Dybala

    Could this bloke sound
    any more bored?
    He should have stayed in his office and looked out the window for the afternoon.
    Any teenager on YT could have provided a better explosion than that.
    This is what happens when you involve too many bureaucrats.

  4. oedixey oedixey

    My work mate was painting a work boat in the 80s when she exploded because of a gas leak, she was moored in the creek with houses all around and its blew all the windows out.
    They were both found in the mud naked but never had a scratch on them.
    The rudder of the boat was found outside the local post office 1/4 mile away.
    As for the Beagle which was the workboat she was completely destroyed.

  5. samodelkinify samodelkinify

    Капитана судна, привлечь к “ответу”. Неоказание помощи терпящим бедствие. Ведь можно было, багром, подцепить за ногу тонущего, без сознания, “Івана”.

  6. paulme33 paulme33

    A missed opportunity to show an array of marine safety gas alarms at work. What basic safety check you can make. Methods of dealing with it if at sea?

  7. riotagus riotagus

    Bhah! After all that , and still they could not sink the boat !

  8. Peter Deverell Peter Deverell

    I’ve seen a gas explosion on a boat similar to this, but more devastating as it caught fire and then exploded the fuel tanks. it was moored to a pontoon and luckily no one was aboard or hurt. was very scary!!

  9. launchsquid launchsquid

    🙂 troll much?

  10. launchsquid launchsquid

    🙂 troll much?

  11. launchsquid launchsquid

    :) troll much?

  12. launchsquid launchsquid

    🙂 troll much?

  13. alasdair geddes alasdair geddes

    05:46 WOOOAOOW! AAAAAAGH! Sounds like he was on the boat!

  14. patrickrfaul patrickrfaul

    5:48, man, that dummy really was suffering!

  15. Daveinet Daveinet

    The interesting aspect is that all the fuel is burnt in one explosion and no remaining flame. I know of an RV that had a gas explosion as a result of gas leak in the stove. The explosion blew out the front windows, which did not break. There was no other damage to the RV. The owner had the windows re-installed and is currently using the RV (after fixing the gas leak of course)
    This test goofed though. They should have had the skipper at the helm to see if he would have survived.

  16. Daveinet Daveinet

    You forgot non-smoker and no pets.

  17. Ibizaner Ibizaner

    i love exploiding sailing yachts, i hate sailing, sailing is shit

  18. karlgustav23 karlgustav23

    just write the minutes and seconds, like so ”0 5 : 4 5” without spaces 🙂

  19. Kaj Sorensen Kaj Sorensen

    How do you ad the url in the time?

  20. BWTransform BWTransform

    5:49 .. .. ..

  21. TheSailingChannel TheSailingChannel

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  22. pcunning11 pcunning11

    This boat is now listed on eBay as a ‘Lightly used, pop-top in good condition’.

  23. davemakesawave davemakesawave

    I guess this is how to convert a yacht into a dinghy if in a hurry

  24. ianjk ianjk

    Now, jury rig it one more time, sail up to busy dock, toss out some bumpers, spend extra time tidying up dock lines, making sure everything is perfect, carefully roll up the sail and bag it, toss on suit coat and then walk away like nothing is wrong and you were just out for a nice day sail.

  25. karlgustav23 karlgustav23

    if u are for the bang, 05:45

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