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  1. Michael Nissen Michael Nissen

    I bought my first pair of parachute pants because of this group and song, 1980.

  2. ianharleygraham ianharleygraham

    love to get any mp3’s of the first album. Been looking for it forever, no such luck

  3. Cled Oakley Cled Oakley

    Picked the LP up in Gainesville, at Hyde & Zeke’s…1980. Effing Awesome!

  4. orbitfiremusic orbitfiremusic

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

    listen ORBIT FIRE (post-punk band)

  5. Drwsmawr Drwsmawr

    I would also love to have this album on mp3 if possible. I need my Yachts fix in work.

  6. wmw2525 wmw2525

    Love this song and the album … never got much of a run on the radio at the time from what I remember, but they were very distinctive and full of melodic energy. … Wayne

  7. jogray123 jogray123

    Just how good are this band, remember reading about them in music press, and had only ever heard Suffice to Say at the time

  8. theparse theparse

    Hi , any possibillity of a copy of yachts albums on mp3 if still available ? thanks, Parse.

  9. MrPelleas1 MrPelleas1

    They do sound a bit kike DEVO. More like The Cars, in my view. But DEVO is DEVO and must never be misunderstood or even copied. We are DEVO.

    Duty now. x

  10. MrPelleas1 MrPelleas1

    I have the album! Still love it!


    Sounds like DEVO.

  12. Drwsmawr Drwsmawr

    The Yachts were a fantastic band. I have a few singles and an album but carnt find anything on cd. Anyone know where i can find any.

  13. Steve Niblett Steve Niblett

    I converted the two albums to mp3 10 years ago. Inbox and I’ll send youn them

  14. kilts4u2 kilts4u2

    I meant to say . .the Yachts. . .not the Shoes. Although I enjoyed the Shoes just as much.

  15. kilts4u2 kilts4u2

    Ty Ty Ty Hawkmoon. I have searched high and low for this song.  Back in the ’90s I had a running joke with an Atlanta DJ during his ’80s show. I’d call in and request this song and he’d come on the air and say “nothing is worse than a Yuppie with a boat” and then fire this badboy up. I loved the Shoes and have wondered to this day why they didn’t make it BIG time. Great harmonies and better than average musicians. This is a keeper.

  16. jimbailey69 jimbailey69

    Great song! I first heard this on one of those Rhino Records compilations in the early 1990s and became addicted to it.

  17. Clematisian Clematisian

    :: . . . oh . . . my . . . Gods! . . . Thank YOU, hawkmoon03111951, for posting this amazing gem by Yachts! One of my all-time favourite New Wave 7″ singles from right when it came out. Ah, to be on a yacht right this very minute. Have an excellent summer 2010 ~ (•8-D

  18. lachinerapids lachinerapids

    Saw this band at the University of Victoria, B.C., after an interview on local Vancouver TV where they said their typical day was to get up, practise, eat, play the gig, get drunk, fall asleep. Joe Jackson was the headliner, but the Yachts were more fun. A friend and I bought skinny ties at the thrift store in preparation. The University staff had a hard time keeping people seated , rather than dancing.

  19. RaananVolesPianist RaananVolesPianist

    Does anyone know the lyrics to this? I want to do this with my amateur band, but none of the lyric sites seem to have this. This must have been much more obscure than I thought, although it was a favorite of mine even then. Raanan G

  20. tidepool123 tidepool123

    thanks dexy,still got the album,bit scratched though.

  21. bihitasu bihitasu

    thought i might have seen a live video of this many moons ago.

  22. xtcxtwo xtcxtwo

    30+ Years- Thank You, enough said.

  23. moezmoe1960 moezmoe1960

    brings back memories…Nice

  24. KDinJax KDinJax

    This song helped get me through Navy OCS (of all things!) Great keyboard! Thanks for posting. New Wave at its Best.

  25. Colin McPherson Colin McPherson

    Wow, this site never fails to totally amaze me. I remember this from when I was about 12, one of the first albums I bought with my paper round money 🙂

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