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Extreme Sailing At Madeira

If you have been following the Extreme Sailing Series going on at the Madeira Islands, you would have seen the assault that was launched by the Alinghi team who came onto the Act 6 leaders of the Red Bull Sailing Team.

The Swiss team Alinghi and the Red Bull Sailing team exchanged blows on each other as they made their bids to reach the top of the table in Act 6.

The weather offered some challenges as well. For instance, there were shifty, light winds which made it difficult for the different international teams. As the racing started in Funchal, it is the capital of the Madeira Islands in Portugal, there was a large crowd gathered to catch the action. The breeze did not go over five knots and the sailors had to depend on using their sailing tactics to get ahead. The Psarofaghi’s team was the one that won that day as they finished first in each of the four races. They were able to gain more points than any team. The Res Bull Sailing team was able to win on the opening day race and another one. Overall the team finished in the fifth position.

The results left the teams tied up on 52 points. However, there are about two more days to go. There is a forecast that the wind will increase and hence the Act is sure to show clear winners and losers in the forthcoming days. The Alinghi team feels that they have not lost out on too many points. Even if they have tied up on the points on the leader board, that is a good achievement. However the teams feel that there is more of the race course to be covered and every team will be working hard to reach the finish faster than others.