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  1. YaniT991 YaniT991

    So, is a similar system now available to non J & B yachts??

  2. DrD0000M DrD0000M

    Yeah sure and “real” sailors don’t use engines either. Stupid Luddites!

  3. J T W J T W

    You need a system like the rotating sail drive on this because it has two rudders, neither of which are inline with the prop.

  4. paulme33 paulme33

    only the best inavations from the best french yaching company.





  7. YachtingMonthly YachtingMonthly

    Assuming the engine is running and you loose your battery power, the boat can still be manoeuvred the same way it would be without using the system, the sail drive faces aft. If your engine isn’t running and you loose your battery power you, like anyone else don’t have an engine (unless you can hand start it, a rarity nowadays). The joysick makes it easier, but it’s not a replacement for skill, well no more than a chart plotter is for navigation.

  8. YachtingMonthly YachtingMonthly

    The Jeanneau and the Beneteau are running the same system just with different names as they are the same parent company. The only reason why this system kept stalling was because it had been run all day. Not as it would have been used in a real life scenario of manoeuvring, motoring, sailing, motoring and finally manoeuvring into it’s berth. This boat had been manoeuvring for 6 or so hours and the bow thruster been using up the battery power.

  9. Leggo My Ego Leggo My Ego

    Also, is this an option on the 57?

  10. Leggo My Ego Leggo My Ego

    Have these guys tested the beneteau sense 50 in the same manner and does their alternator fail to charge the batteries enough so you end up with a system failure like the Jeanneau’s 360 failure?

  11. coochsailor coochsailor

    Exactly as @weissbier2 said – and since that’s the case and for whatever other reason that you may lose all your battery power (which I’m assuming possibly drives the direction of the saildrive while using the joystick?) If that’s so then you’re scewed if you lose your batteries… There’s something to be said for skippers who know how to really handle a boat even in tight situations such as in the video, in comparison to joystick “sailors” who have to always rely on technology that may fail..

  12. YachtingMonthly YachtingMonthly

    Because while the system is in use you don’t have control of the engine throttle. So the engine can’t be run at a high enough revs for the alternator to work efficiently. The bow thruster will take more power out of the batteries than the engine can put in them at the same times

    The test boat had been run like this all day, so the batteries didn’t get a chance to get a full charge.

  13. weissbier2 weissbier2

    How can you drain the batteries if the motor is running and chatging the batteries?

  14. Cree Kree Cree Kree

    No excuses anymore saying that there’s no space to part any closer unless I have 2 boat size space to sail in!!!!

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