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  1. Benjamin Rosen Benjamin Rosen

    Whoever is at the helm in this video has this yacht planing differently than all of the Azimut done videos. In this video the bow at a very high angle the whole time. Also the Audio mix is awful. Nice boat though.

  2. kenrick perkins kenrick perkins

    1.2-1.3mil US.

  3. thomas whiteman thomas whiteman

    how much would one of them cost

  4. Alexander Berresford Alexander Berresford

    please read my comment again. then reply with a meaningful answer. Also, you would be surprised how experienced i am. I am an Able Seaman in the CCF RN.

  5. max mk max mk

    the Magellanic 50 has many problems very unstable


    If I had to choose a semi-displacement, I’d have a Marlow 53 over this anytime!

  7. newsnetuk newsnetuk

    Technically this is a low-quality video production. The audio mix is very bad. The sound levels are all over the place – making it quite hard to hear Dave Marsh’s commentary at times. It was a daft idea to put a music track on this. The whole thing must have been put together on an Amstrad in somebody’s back bedroom
    The boat however is interesting. Bill Dixon is a distinguished designer. It would be nice to see a proper professional video test report on it.

  8. Phil Long Phil Long

    And…you admit to liking the Princess? OMG! that amply demonstrates where you are coming from. When you get some real sea experience on real boats, maybe in about 40 years time, then you can talk. By that i mean skippering boats in transatlantic and Pacific regions, in a range of commercial and private yachts. Until then, refrain from commenting on things you have no idea about.

  9. Phil Long Phil Long

    Ok, so what you are saying is that you dont know how media works. They have pulled the wool over your eyes and you fell for it. Seriously, look at the other boat reviews on you tube, where the author was actually on the vessel being reviewed, then compare. When you know the tricks of the trade in media you will understand my bad language. To sum up, Very poor and lasy review.

  10. Alexander Berresford Alexander Berresford

    sorry, forgot to close bracket……..that was going to annoy me! )

  11. Alexander Berresford Alexander Berresford

    i completely agree with on the helm position, but on the saloon dining front, i would say that what else would have gone there? And on a yacht of 50ft, it is going to need room for people to sit and relax…. (you must have noticed too, but there were 4 different places where you could sit and dine!!! and that’s on a 50 footer!! we only just have that on our Princess 64!! and she’s 14 foot longer!!

  12. Alexander Berresford Alexander Berresford

    This is Dave Marsh we are talking about here, not boring old Peter Wherrett. And you obviously have a lack of brainpower to swear in a sentence that really, you needn’t have done. This is Europe’s best motor boat magazine, and if you were listening, Dave said “So here we are in Savona”…..also, when he was on the flybridge….Dave was sitting at the duplicated helm. So sorry……your’e wrong.

  13. tjonessc tjonessc

    Sorry to disagree with those that think the saloon layout is good it is not. The flip up counters are a nightmare as you constantly have to take items off the counters to flip lids. Next the seating area is much too large (wasted space) while the single helm station is much too small to be a serious cruiser…

  14. Phil Long Phil Long

    How about actual vid of the REAL inside of the yacht, why the fuck did you use stock, off the brochure pics for the inside, were you even on the boat in the first place???

  15. Ichi San Ichi San

    Very smart to locate the galley right at the entrance

  16. Eismann181 Eismann181

    sensationally beautiful design. Fantastic!

  17. Fishinboating Fishinboating

    would the small helm station be annoying?

  18. razorflown razorflown

    I like it too what a beautiful boat, It looks like it’s designed for 10 knots though. Long distance travel, yes?

  19. mrtecno99 mrtecno99

    I like it good design!!!!

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