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Changes In The Rules And Regulations

The yachting racing circuits will be seeing new rules and regulations from the 2014 season. The regulatory bodies responsible for making and accepting the changes have finally concluded that after so many years there will be some changes from this year. This would ensure better sailing experience for the teams and the competition will be much better than what it used to be. First amongst all the changes would be the total percentage of fuel sulfur in the yacht which should not exceed 1000 ppm. This was done keeping in mind the reduction of airborne particulate matter which would further result in emitting less sulfur dioxide into the open air. The next change would be the southern limit which would be moved 50 miles towards the south that would allow both the yachts and the ships to travel safely. This was a plan which was not incorporated for so many years but finally this year it will be implemented.

Unlike previous years where the length of the yacht could not be changed from this year the teams would be able to do that. This would allow the yachts to be customized in a better manner. In addition to all these an onboard stability computer and shore based support has been made compulsory for the yachts. They can have one of the above two mentioned options. This was done to make sure that no boat is in serious danger. Radio will be the option of communication and it should be in a two way portable mode. The radiotelephone apparatus was made compulsory few years back but the two way mode was not available at that time. The radios that will be used should also be explosion proof and intrinsically safe to use. Another addition that will be made is the use of breathing apparatus cylinder and the onboard recharging facility.