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  1. Poma Šola Poma Šola

    Dear Jozef, please allow to put this beautiful video on our pages experenceadriaticcom and let me know trough mail if it is positive the answer. Congratulation you have done amaizing work. mojca

  2. KultGrazer KultGrazer

    Please more of these high quality sailing movies! 😉

  3. KultGrazer KultGrazer

    Best croatian sailing movie ever!

  4. dodoboy1212 dodoboy1212

    sick …

  5. borsukTV borsukTV

    How did you make these red flares?

  6. Honza Kolar Honza Kolar


  7. Oceeechoux Oceeechoux

    butiful movie and song!

  8. quotenschwazze quotenschwazze

    Woah! Awesome!!

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