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  1. Petr Horák Petr Horák


  2. nevsky1961 nevsky1961

    Great looking boat. Unfortunately Elan’s QC leaves something to be desired. 🙁

  3. Petr Horák Petr Horák


  4. 1087films 1087films

    Wow, it looks like the little brother of a Volvo Open 70. This is what my next boat will look like!

  5. skipermali skipermali

    nice video , nice yacht - svaka čast ELANU ! !

  6. iappsdev iappsdev

    Looks like this yacht is overload with sails and it’s not stable for ORC.

  7. MrHollyshitdude MrHollyshitdude

    i want one of those!

  8. alexfrombrooklyn alexfrombrooklyn

    looks like fun

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