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  1. Bluewaters2812videos Bluewaters2812videos

    Looks way too much “bow down” for my liking.

  2. Charles Watson Charles Watson

    You would have to export the boat from the EC immediately on delivery but you can then come back in as a visitor without being liable for vat

  3. baddogonline baddogonline

    Thanks, I added your site to my favorites… 🙂

  4. baddogonline baddogonline

    Thanks for the info; I wasn’t aware of that. But, I’m still required to pay a VAT when I purchase European products over the internet. I wonder why it would be different for boats… :

  5. Charles Watson Charles Watson

    If you are not resident inEurope you do not have to pay VAT unless you plan to keep your boat in Europe for more than a year, and possibly longer if you take the boat out of the EC once in a while.

  6. Narciso Vento Narciso Vento

    See more in:

  7. baddogonline baddogonline

    Someone put a lot of thought into that design… The only thing I hate is the evil VAT; as an American, I refuse to pay that silly euro-tax, so for now, I guess it’s buy American! 🙂

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