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  1. MrEminemrules92 MrEminemrules92

    Broom 50’s are still better

  2. Ronn Stacy Ronn Stacy

    That was a boat test? I saw enough running through the water to make me dizzy, what about the rest of the damn thing?

  3. ramarkble101 ramarkble101

    CE catagory A that means ocean going

  4. kenfo0 kenfo0

    @canadianshit212 the…fryolater…is….beeping. shut…it…off…and…serve….the…fries.

  5. ribstothelimit ribstothelimit

    As you all have a great love for motor boats, we thought you may be interested in checking out our challenge where eight of us are undertaking an intrepid adventure from the tip of Scotland to the Arctic Circle over six days. It is the first time the route has been battled in such small RIBs and we’ve named it the GORE-TEX® Arctic Challenge.

    Check us out on our YouTube channel and website ribstothelimit. com

    Thanks guys

    GORE-TEX® Arctic Challenge Team

  6. lasay365 lasay365

    I like.

  7. geedunk13 geedunk13

    its ok, rather have a nordhavn 43

  8. Joe Cleary Joe Cleary

    lol, thats about 30 tons

  9. spatza07 spatza07

    Ein wunderbares Schiff !!!

  10. svpshenichnaya svpshenichnaya

    what an awesome boat ! I read that some crazy russians crossed the Atlantic on a couple of Ellings

  11. dogchain65 dogchain65

    only 4 tons not very stable in open seas then

  12. watersport4all watersport4all

    Watersport4all, het watersport portaal van Nederland. Met de beste service !
    Het gevoel dat u wilt delen.

    Google op: watersport4all.

  13. jamesjr934 jamesjr934

    Nice boat, although I think I’d prefer the San Juan 48 FB; they’re just a better looking yacht IMO.

  14. scottwebb scottwebb

    I’m sitting here drooling, what an awesome boat and i hear they are designed to self right if the situation ever arises 🙂

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