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  1. touchedreality touchedreality

    very nicely done! my beautiful island!

  2. GrenadaSpiceIsle greenz West Indies ,caribbean GrenadaSpiceIsle greenz West Indies ,caribbean

    Grenada will Allway’s Be My Home Land 🙂

  3. Sharon Pilgrim Sharon Pilgrim

    I’ve lived abroad over 30 years and Grenada is the only place that I visit in the Caribbean

  4. Craig Wilson Craig Wilson

    Makes me want to go visit for sure…

  5. DJ Well Dressed Man DJ Well Dressed Man

    More of a Carriacou fan, Real Jab Jab

  6. Kareem769 Kareem769

    Makes me wanna go sail there :)

  7. SpiceVibes Manager SpiceVibes Manager

    Goodness, Gracious Grenada,
    Great Video

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