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  1. Reinaldo Bim Toigo Reinaldo Bim Toigo

    Amazing test drive!

  2. MAREBLU2000 MAREBLU2000

    ANCHE PER ME Beautiful !!!!

  3. bucanas4 bucanas4


  4. Archibald Tuttle Archibald Tuttle

    Love those reviews!

  5. Venya Gotfrid Venya Gotfrid

    Хороший фильм.

  6. TheSailingChannel TheSailingChannel

    Selected for TheSailingChannel on the free ReduxTV App for Smart TVs. Watch on Google TV and other Smart TVs under Rides & Vehicles / TheSailingChannel dot TV. On the Web at redux dot com forward slash sail.

  7. NauticalPappyStu NauticalPappyStu

    She’s a fine vessel… Thanks…

  8. abaiti rus abaiti rus


  9. lello181162 lello181162

    This boat has a great personality mi piace

  10. David Neipert David Neipert

    Flag is too big. Everything else is perfect!

  11. 18111936 18111936

    Vaya mierda de vídeo que es que no lleva MOTOR .

  12. iappsdev iappsdev

    Why the winches for the main behind the skipper seat? weird boat design.

  13. riotagus riotagus

    Everything in that boats is big, the boat itself, the price, and even the red insignia ( flag ).

  14. Igor Lebedev Igor Lebedev

    Great boat! Ready to sell everything and go to her in the journey! Thank you for the review, closely following them …

  15. baddogonline baddogonline

    I love those gunboats! 🙂

  16. MechEngMan09 MechEngMan09

    I would totally paint the floor in the head like the transporter bay on the Enterprise!

  17. Hermann Otto Hermann Otto

    the music at beginning is torture


    Thanks for yours work, for your reviews, is always interesting to look!

  19. NoodleNinjah NoodleNinjah

    This company should go bankrupt any day now cuz their boats are ugly

  20. Stephen Luta Stephen Luta

    Enjoy your reviews…

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