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  1. mrfurball mrfurball

    That red helmet does not fit properly… that could lead to unnecessary injury , either way it’s a hindrance in such a situation

  2. Gert Kjaer Gert Kjaer

    The sound could be better, and the instructions is hard to heard.

  3. sawdoctony sawdoctony

    Excellent test - Thanks for posting!

  4. YachtingMonthly YachtingMonthly

    Ideally both, but not everyone has the budget or room for both though. It must be remembered that Foam can’t be used on electrical fires, and on boats one of the sources of ignition is the electrical system. So you need to carry an extinguisher that can deal with that type of fire safely.

  5. Bluenoser613 Bluenoser613

    Again, a great post. Based on this test is there a recommendation to use foam instead of powder or use both?

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