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  1. bparno bparno

    ??????? and the final analysis is that a child can sail these boats with glee. The kids loved them and that is all that matters. On the the next analysis where we can see real life statistics, wind speed vs. hull speed, full sails or reefed, etc. etc.

  2. Timucin Edman Timucin Edman

    Rubbish basically. forget about it.

  3. Dan221075 Dan221075

    What’s the point off this video! It says nothing about the comparison.

  4. cosmo9287 cosmo9287

    Kill the lame music please. I will never understand why so many marketing boat demo videos have annoying music!

  5. thybigballs thybigballs

    Why make the music so loud that it’s difficult to comprehend what is said?

  6. Galt425 Galt425

    Nice video, could we do it again with a little more analysis? How many degrees off the wind will the come? How does each hull design handle chop/waves? etc etc like you usually do.

  7. TheSailingChannel TheSailingChannel

    Selected for TheSailingChannel on the free ReduxTV App for Smart TVs. Watch on Google TV and other Smart TVs under Cars / TheSailingChannel dot TV. On the Web at redux dot com forward slash sail.

  8. greenstaraz greenstaraz

    — just a lofty, patronizing comment about how they may be slow but still good for purpose.–
    I see, read this about these Catamarans in every article, Which is very strange.
    These are Water RV’s not race carboats
    Maybe RV people should review the boats and we would get better reviews and Videos

  9. Martin Lewis Martin Lewis

    Opportunity Missed…….or was it a test of the cameras?!?

  10. myfz6 myfz6

    i really enjoy your videos. You do such an awesome job.

  11. McPilotAdv McPilotAdv

    Sorry, I missed your point on this video. I don’t want to follow reporters work or listen to stupid loud music! Instead show me why I should choose cat X compared to cat Y.

  12. joyof10 joyof10

    I agree with other posters that the actual review was lacking. Also, the music was so loud and the voice track was so quiet it was hard to follow.

  13. Michael Peirce Michael Peirce

    this is a terrible review of the three boats, really, a shocking waste of a good opportunity. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Indeed there is no ‘reviewing’ at all, to speak of, in terms of comparing the three for purpose, just a lofty, patronising comment about how they may be slow but still good for purpose.

  14. umvhu umvhu

    Champion FAIL!

  15. Leggo My Ego Leggo My Ego

    “You’re certainly not going to buy one anyway so stop complaining.” The whole point of watching the video was to inform my purchasing decision. Instead of a review we got this. The only thing that is certain is that I won’t be visiting their website or reading their magazine if this is what you get.

  16. OntariTrist OntariTrist

    I agree with some of the other posters, albeit a little more delicately, that it appeared that the review was just getting started when it transitioned to a video of a sailor’s personal racing experiences. I was hoping for more along the lines of the Gunboat reviews (love those!). If you are taking requests, I’d like to see independent reviews of the 45′ cats from Lagoon, Fountain Pajot, and Antares. Keep up the good work!

  17. SquirrelFromGradLife SquirrelFromGradLife

    I want to thank yactingworld for bringing less review and more stories from on of the best sailors of all time. The comments below simply couldn’t be more pathetic and complaining like a little girl when you get an insight to remarkable stories you wouldn’t otherwise get proves that point.
    Those cruising cats are like boxes of cereal and who cares about a review of that when Yachting world gives you so much more? You’re certainly not going to buy one anyway so stop complaining. Pathetic..

  18. Emily O Emily O

    What happened to the review ???

  19. brewster727 brewster727

    Hey man, shut the f#^k up. More review less lying.

  20. ahlersk1234 ahlersk1234

    A few minutes of the catamarans, then instead of evaluating the 3 boats they are sailing, they just listen to Mr. Thompsons tell stories about sailing, that have nothing to do with the 3 boats in the video – waste of time.

  21. corpusien corpusien

    Intéressant. Belles images, mais musique stressante et mauvaise prise de son des voix pâteuses et endormantes des messieurs…;-)

  22. 8wealthyone8 . 8wealthyone8 .

    Thanks for sharing. Please see my epic 1st videos and donate to my cause if you feel bold and brave enough.



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