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  1. Puzzoozoo Puzzoozoo

    Of course, but if you can afford to buy new why go second hand, as you
    might be buying some faults and inheriting repair bills. Plus the previous
    owner will have enjoyed the shiny newness of the Riva.

  2. MemoryLaneCinema MemoryLaneCinema

    heard of the used-market?

  3. Puzzoozoo Puzzoozoo

    IIRC a million a pop, but get in line as Rive only make 50 boats a year.

  4. J H Robbins J H Robbins

    spectacular boat – with a spectacular price tag as well.

  5. suamipelle suamipelle

    Only Riva can do it like that. Does the iPad come whit the boat? ;D

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