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  1. YachtsForSaleCNI YachtsForSaleCNI

    Great Video, very informative - Thanks. I’ll subscribe to your channel!

  2. CyrilJohnstonMarine CyrilJohnstonMarine

    Stunning boat, looks great on the water!

  3. slyermb slyermb

    when you’re editing the clips convert the mono sound to stereo sound, so that it can be heard through both speakers.
    great videos too keep them up

  4. 8wealthyone8 . 8wealthyone8 .

    Thanks for sharing. Please see my epic 1st videos and donate to my cause if you feel bold and brave enough.



  5. 1234567890Luckyluke 1234567890Luckyluke

    Congratulations on a proper video review of this boat. So much better than normal and really interesting to view. Please, please use this guy again !
    As for the boat, well, what a stunner – add this to the superb range of Sealines available and they really have products that people want. Well done to both !

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