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  1. Dav123xyz Dav123xyz

    Good video….minimum of cutting and jumping around. BBC take note! You can see what’s happening…most unfashionable for 2012.

    Re the boat; it is a point what happens when it rains?

  2. PrivateIsland656 PrivateIsland656

    Very nice – reminds me a lot of the Wally Tender. re the question….. if it rains it is like any other boat, you put up a bimini and most likely get a bit wet, it’s what happens on any open boat when you are caught in the weather. People that have this kind of money also have over the top homes, cars and other things. Maybe they are trying to show off but that’s just the way it goes.

  3. alphasxsignal alphasxsignal

    What are you going to do when it rains. Dumb boat for Dumb people with more money
    then brains. There seems to alot of them in the boating world just trying to out do the other.
    Stupid people.

  4. saj133 saj133

    resembles the submarine 😀 😀 😀 :))) is beautiful!!!

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