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  1. Kybosh77 Kybosh77

    i became confused at the whole interior cam and exterior cam bit…thought perhaps it was the other way around…

  2. westcoast996 westcoast996

    Did anyone else read the title and thought they Capsized a Yacht Monthly?

  3. m smith m smith

    you fuck tard. Don’t be so arrogant.

  4. Jasestuff123 Jasestuff123

    The ocean obviously

  5. John Cusick John Cusick

    beautiful yacht… can i have it!

  6. Carl Baird Carl Baird

    What make is the Crash Boat?

  7. Marc Dupavillon Marc Dupavillon

    Been there, done that, Hurricane Bob 1991, 120 Miles off the coast of New Jersey, USA, one month before the perfect storm, rolled 11 times, 120 + Knots of breeze, 70 ft seas = 10 days in a life raft !!!

  8. Joe Williston Joe Williston

    How would you get out if the boat is upside down?

  9. jcook007fix jcook007fix

    Interesting. Add 1000 pounds of gear flying around, containers broken open, electrical systems in operation, diesel motor running, fuel, sewage, storm wave action etc..

  10. Ricardo Amaro Ricardo Amaro

    Next time you want to do that, we can exchange boats… I can give you mine and you can give me yours 😀

  11. twicksisted twicksisted

    this video turned my world upside down

  12. richardmg9 richardmg9

    So, the lesson is: when you go to sea, EVERYTHING must be either strapped down or in a sealed compartment. You cook dinner…. you wash the dishes and stow them before eating ect.

  13. richardmg9 richardmg9

    yes, from 2 sources: the main entry to the cabin from the cockpit, and from the air vents (which can be shutoff to prevent spray/rain from getting in, but don’t hold up to being submerged). I don’t know why they didn’t explain that.

  14. Charles W. Hsu Charles W. Hsu

    This is very interesting! I feel like buying latches and straps and adding them to my boat! Thank you for the test!

  15. 2ftpmarco 2ftpmarco

    im feeling sick after watching this

  16. Luis Carlos Luis Carlos

    Please enlighten me
    seemed that the boat did not return alone after the overturned upside down,
    or am I mistaken.

  17. Stephen Lediard Stephen Lediard

    What about the batteries? I’ve been on boats where they have not been properly secured.

  18. jeryl1968 jeryl1968

    your welcome no problem lol

  19. nallepuh6969 nallepuh6969

    Thank you Captain Obvious!

  20. paulme33 paulme33


  21. quosmo1 quosmo1

    vsauce music

  22. Galt425 Galt425

    When the boat was completely upside down, did it take pressure from the crane to upright? I didn’t think that would be possible, maybe I misunderstand what i think i’m seeing. And, not to underplay what would obviously be a crisis, “days to clean up” really illustrates your point about the 79 Fastnet. You -could- clean this up in days. The boat rolled to be sitting intact & high in the water. Great video, as always.

  23. m smith m smith

    thanks you moron. My question was did most of the water come from the companion way? was there water in the bilge? hatches leaked?

  24. jeryl1968 jeryl1968

    the ocean LOL

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