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  1. Robert Lugo Robert Lugo

    Great review, please review the Feeling 48.

  2. Martin Pujic Martin Pujic

    i have try it. It is realy fast and easy handling.

  3. Sam Cyphers Sam Cyphers

    Such euro trash music!!!

  4. Ben Miles Ben Miles

    Can’t view on iPhone just get no stream

  5. Billy Boulden Billy Boulden

    Opening music is a no go. Boat is a go.

  6. Tom Gordon Tom Gordon

    nice boat

  7. rabidbigdog rabidbigdog

    Brilliant! Thanks for the review guys. Nice machine.

  8. Archibald Tuttle Archibald Tuttle

    The table looks like my ironing board! Nice boat otherwise.

  9. Joel Foote Joel Foote

    Great video, not sure 0n the choice of music at the beginning.

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